Pastoral Planning Council

The PPC meets on the third Tuesday of every month.

The Parish Council is conducted under the guidance of Fr. Greg Stankus. The members of the Parish Council are Maryann Coluccio, Maryellen Connolly, Maricela Eumana, Diane Flynn, Christine Kemp, John Kemp, Pierre Lehu, Annemarie Leyden, Senen Martinez, Eleanor Petty, Yolanda Perez, Maria Saenz, Lois Seelandt and LaNell Schultheis.   Pierre Lehu is the Pastoral Planning Council’s facilitator, 718-680-1010.   The Parish Council has evolved into three distinct committees to serve the needs of the parish.

MInutes of the PPC Meeting 10/20/2020

Parish Life
Chairperson: Christine Kemp
Maryann Coluccio
Yolanda Perez
Maria Saenz

Parish Outreach
Chairperson: John Kemp
Committee members:
Pierre Lehu
Annemarie Leyden
Eleanor Petty

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Faith Formation
Chairperson: LaNell Schultheis
Committee members:
Lois Seelandt
Senen Martinez
Maricela Eumana

Ex Officio Members:

    • Rev. Gregory A. Stankus, Pastor
    • Gregory Dixon, Deacon
    • Ann Smyth, Director of Religious Education
    • Susan Georgini, Coordinator of Parish Ministries

Feel free to contact any of the members, if you are interested in joining one of these committees. Thank you.

To let the Council know of your concerns, use the Suggestion Box in the main Gathering Space, call the Parish house or e-mail