Religious Education Information for 2023-2024

Registration/Registro (bilingual/bilingĂŒe)

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Ann Smyth, Director:    718-680-1010 Ext. 20 

Our goal is to assist parents in fulfilling the promise they made at their child’s baptism: to bring up their child in the practices of the Catholic faith.

The Religious Education Program allows parents and the parish to work as partners in sharing the responsibility of educating children in the faith. The parish supports parents by offering weekly religious education classes and opportunities to give thanks and praise to God in worship. Parents instill the faith in their children all the time-365 days a year. This partnership benefits the children because it’s all about teaching them about Jesus and his teachings and showing them how they can LIVE their Catholic faith.

Parents take the lead to plan and run a number of activities, such as the Afternoon Tea. Some of the events raise funds for the Program or for the parish. All of them are fun whether working the event or coming to enjoy it. The children are also welcome to help with these activities. They learn a lesson in what it means to be a community – working with newly-made friends, enjoying the company of all age groups, and serving the parish community.

2023-2024 Class Schedule (English)
2023-2024 Horario de Clases (Español)

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