Afternoon Tea, April 15, 2023

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Easter Joy

Fr, Kevin with the newly Baptized- from left to right- catechist Dr. Annemarie Leyden, Linda Ho, Ociel Jimanez, Barry Koven and catechist Alex Rosado.
The newly Baptized with their Godparents/sponsors.

March/April 2023

Confirmation Retreat March  2023

Coming up: Confirmation Mass June 9th!!

First Reconciliation 2023

February 26, 2023

Rite of Election for Adults

The Rite of Election for Adults was held on Sunday, February 26th,  at Our Lady of Perpetual Help with Bishop Brennan. 

The Elect are Linda Ho, Barry Koven and Ociel Jimanez- their Sponsors and God parents. Also included are catechists Alex Rosado and Annemarie Leyden. 
It was a joyful day for all!

Coffee Pot Sunday, January 22, 2023