Looking for a Spiritual Home?

If you’ve clicked on this link, you may be:

  • Seeking to be part of or connected to a larger purpose
  • Questioning the meaning of your life
  • Contemplating whether or not to return to church
  • Wishing to feel valued and cared for– both by God and by members of a community
  • Searching for a community that supports you in living life with a set of values and principles
  • Looking for a place to raise your children with a strong moral foundation
  • Just curious!

Regardless of the reason, we are sure you will find a spiritual home at St. Andrew’s. In this large, chaotic, uncontrollable, overwhelming and bewildering world, people miss the intimacy, closeness, security and friendship that can be found in a small community. St. Andrew’s offers this type of environment and more. We are friendly and nonjudgmental. We are inviting and supportive. We are a parish with enough diversity to offer “something for everyone” where people can be who they are and feel right at home. We hope you will come visit us.   If you wish to speak with our clergy, please call the Parish House at 718-680-1010 and someone will be happy to assist you.